Computer Assistive Technologies available for the Visually Impaired students in University of Mysore Library 


The university has taken up UPE Holistic Project “Centre for Education of Visually Challenged – DRUSHTEE” to provide innovative teaching technique and philosophy that continues to have far-reaching effects on the lives of visually challenged students.

The centre has established full fledged advanced computer lab with assistive technologies for the education and training of visually impaired students, researchers and teachers of the University of Mysore in the University Library. This is the first of its kind facility in the university system in the state of Karnataka. The main lab has been established in the University Library, Mansagangotri, Mysore. Similar facilities on a small scale have been established in the Library of Kuvempu Institure of Kannada Studies, University College of Fine Arts and the University Graduate Library. (The UG Library is going to shortly install the facility after moving in to New Library Building in the premises of Maharaja’s College). All the facilities are open to the visually impaired students, researchers and teachers.   

Low vision or partially sighted students can now read for longer hours without tiredness. It is a unique computer reading facility for visually challenged with a congenial classroom environment. The centre has the facility to read printed books and also print Braille books. Some of the prominent hardware and software facilities, popularly called “Assistive Technology” for visually challenged installed at the centre are

What is Assistive Technology?
Assistive Technology are the new age devices and software that provide support to the disabled to overcome their disability and perform their tasks in a normal environment efficiently to compete on a level playing field with their non-disabled peers.
In the pursuit of higher education and employment there are these standard needs for access by the students and employees that one has to do such as:

  1. Reading of Printed Materials or Books/ Library services
  2. Access to Computers for preparing Notes, Reports, Letters, Access Data and research on the Internet. Also for taking their exams.
  3. Provision of curriculum books in Alternative format such as Braille, Audio, Electronic and Large Print
  4. Communication

Different Assistive Technologies that help the persons with various disabilities perform in each of these categories that have been installed in the Learning Resource Centre & Drushtee Centre of Mysore University

SARA CE Instant Text Reading Machine: 
Place the book under SARA CE & Instantly it reads any letter, book, newspaper or magazine in an Indian Accent Voice!
SARA Scanning and Reading Appliance is easy-to-use solution for reading a wide variety of printed material, including books, mail, newspapers, magazines, and so much, more. SARA uses the latest in advanced optical character recognition recognition technology to scan text and then read it aloud in crisp, clear speech.. SARA automatically stores and remembers the contents of over 15 lakh pages as it has a hard disk of 160 GB.

Braille Box V4 Heavy Duty High Speed Volume Production Affordable Braille Press:
High speed single sheet fed Braille printer and the Braille Box is a milestone for production Braille embossers.
It is a heavy duty Braille Embosser for production of lessons and texts into Braille. It uses cut sheet Braille paper and produces 4 pages at a time in a book format i.e. front and back. It is also combined with the speech feedback and easy to install and operate by blind and sighted users alike.  

  1. Super Speed Cut Sheet Braille press
  2. Excellent Braille dot quality
  3. Fully Automatic
  4. Produces 900 Braille Pages per Hour
  5. Speed: 300 characters per second
  6. Supports production of Braille books in multiple sizes incl. A3
  7. Very silent as it has a fully concealed unique design


PlexTalk DAISY Readers and Recorders:
Plextalk Pocket PTP1
A pocket size DAISY Reader cum Recorder with Full DAISY navigation features that converts Text files, Word Docs and even voice recordings directly in to DAISY  format with its in-built conversion facility.

Angel Book Reader:
Angel PRO Talking Pocket E-Book Reader, DAISY Player, Audio Player, Radio cum Voice Recorder – All in One
A low cost solution for:

  1. Reading Soft copies of documents, books, etc. in DOC, DOCX, PDF, EPUB, HTM, HTML & TXT
  2. Listening to Audio Files and Movies
  3. Recording Voice Notes & Lectures in MP3 and WAV format
  4. Listening to the Radio for Access to News broadcasts

JAWS (Job Access with Speech ) Talking Software:
JAWS software offers comprehensive screen reading capable far Windows. It converts normal PC into a talking PC to enable the blind to operate computers independently including Internet access.


PIAF- Pictures in a Flash:
P I A F enable the automatic production of tactile graphic material using a heat sensitive paper, known as ‘Capsule Paper’. It is a device known generically as Tactile Image Maker, which produces high quality tactile graphics suitable for blind.


Duxbury Braille Translation Software:  
For Conversion of text to Braille for embossing on Index Braille Embossers
Now includes all major languages including Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Bengali, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Assamese, Oriya, Nepalese, Sinhala, Urdu, etc.
Enables inclusion of tactile graphics files for Documents with both text & graphics Compatible with JAWS talking software for easy access by the visually challenged


Magic Magnification Software:
It is a Screen Magnification Software with speech. MAGic is a software solution ideally suited for computer users with LOW VISION or anyone who spends extended periods of time in front of a computer screen. It magnifies the computer screen from 1 to 16 times its usual size. Speech features assist in processing the information on the screen.


The software is the most powerful and interactive typing program by Marvelsoft, the number one way to take your typing skills at any level. It will take you step by step through the fund and exciting process of learning to ‘type. It is useful for children, adolescents, adults, individuals with visual impairments, people with developmental challenges or dyslexia, or anyone else with or without a disability. It has the features like built-in-human speech and with full colour animations, etc.


Kurzweil1000 OCR Reading Software:
The software when combined with a flatbed scanner and pc convert into a reading machine. All one needs to do is to place the book or printed text face down on the scanner and once it is scanned the software converts it to readable format and speaks out aloud the contents.


Zoom-Ex Instant Reader:
Place the book under Zoom-Ex Press One keystroke Within 5 seconds, you are reading the magnified text or listening to it read to you, one can read the magnified text or listen to it reading for visually challenged.


Focus 40/ 80 Blue Braille Display:
It is also useful for those who prefer to read in Braille than listen to audio or Helpdesk Officers who need to access the computer & talk on the phone at the same time.


Foot Pedal – Keyboard & Mouse Emulator:
Foot Pedals act as a three-button programmable keyboard in conjunction with your regular keyboard. It lets your feet take over lengthy, awkward or painful repetitive keystrokes or mouse clicks.


  • Prof.N. Usha rani
  • Dr. Krishna R.Hombal

Core Committee

  • Dr.P.Sarasvathy Librarian
  • Prof. N. S. Harinarayana
  • Dr. Venkatesha