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The Spot registration from 9:00 to 11:00 am at vijana bhavan on 31st October 2019

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About the conference

Actinomycetes are one of the most important sources of natural products with industrial and therapeutical applications. Using traditional approaches, the search for novel natural products in Actinomycetes with bioactive properties is difficult as often known lead compounds get repeatedly rediscovered. However, new biosynthetic gene clusters have been identified using the genome mining techniques. These newly discovered genes in actinomycetes could be explored for the potential novel natural products.

The two days International Workshop on the Biology and Application of Actinomycetes will be a platform for discussions on the Diversity, Chemical biology and Ecology of Actinomycetes; and the application of modern genomic platforms for the discovery of antibiotics, anti-infectives and anticancer drugs from Actinomycetes. The first day of the workshop themed “Diversity, Chemical Biology and Ecology of Actinomycetes; and the Discovery of Natural Products” integrates talks on studies of natural products from soil, endophytic and marine-derived new natural products discovery, methods for discovering secondary metabolites, structure elucidation, biosynthetic research of natural products, and new biological activities. The session will focus on the effects of biological and chemical elicitation at molecular level on secondary metabolism in actinomycetes. On the second day of the workshop themed “Genomic and synthetic biology approaches in Actinomycetes drug discovery”, the session will be held on topics including application of metabolic engineering to optimize natural product synthesis, the use of omics data and the engineering of regulatory genes. The advanced tools of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering including cluster assembly, CRISPR/Cas9 technologies, and chassis strain development for natural product overproduction in actinomycetes will be discussed. Also the use of bioinformatics tools for reprogramming of biosynthetic pathways through polyketide synthase and non-ribosomal peptide synthetase engineering will be covered.

The two days Workshop on Biology and Application of Actinomycetes will include two plenary talks and eight workshop sessions. It will include deliberations by both internationally recognized and well-established scientists as well as promising young researchers and students who are keen to unfold the natural product repository hidden in the Actinomycetes class. We anticipate active exchanges of ideas, advancements of new knowledges, approaches, techniques, and applications, encompassing nearly all disciplines of modern biology and biotechnology for discovery of natural products from Actinomycetes. The workshop is open to all scientists interested in the biology, ecology, taxonomy and natural product chemistry of actinomycetes. The workshop is expected to bring forth and foster many new collaborations among the actinomycetes biologists.

Day 1: Diversity, Chemical Biology and Ecology of Actinomycetes; and the Discovery of Natural Products
Plenary talk: Natural products from Actinomycetes: their discovery and biosynthesis.
Session 1: Isolation of Actinomycetes from various sources, identification (cultural and molecular techniques), and systematics.
Session 2: Diversity of nonribosomal peptide synthetase and polyketide synthase gene clusters among taxonomically close Actinomycetes strains.
Session 3: Elicitation of secondary metabolism in Actinomycetes/ Regulation of antibiotic biosynthesis in Actinomycetes/ Screening of Inhibitors against Cancer Cells.
Session 4: Role of Endophytic Actinomycetes in the synthesis of Bioactive Metabolites.

Day 2: Genomic and synthetic biology approaches in Actinomycetes drug discovery
Plenary talk: Biomedical, Biotechnological and Industrial Applications of Actinomycetes
Session 5: Genomics-Driven Natural Product Discovery in Actinomycetes/ Genome mining of rare actinomycetes and cryptic pathways/ Genome engineering for overproducing bioactive secondary metabolites
Session 6: Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering in actinomycetes for natural product discovery
Session 7: Metabolic engineering for antibiotic production in actinomycetes
Session 8: Bioinformatic tools for use in PKS and NRPS discovery in Actinomycetes.

Venue: IOE Auditorium, Vijnan Bhavan, Manasagangotri, Mysore, Karnataka, India.

Call for Papers

Abstracts not exceeding 250 words are invited for oral/poster presentation in any themes of conference. The one page abstract should be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman, normal font, single space, size of poster should be length x width (3 x 4). If the papers are selected for oral presentation, 10 min will be given with PPT presentation facility.

Please send the abstract(s) by Electronic mail ONLY.

E-mail: actinorai@gmail.com

The Spot registration from 9:00 to 11:00 am at vijana bhavan on 31st October 2019.

Registration Fees Details
Indian Delegates:
Students/Research Scholars: Rs.1000/-, Faculty/Scientists: Rs.2000/-
Foreign Delegates: $200
Registration fee should be paid by DD drawn in favor of “Finance Officer, University of Mysore”, payable at Mysore and sent to the following address:


Dr. V. Ravishankar Rai
Department of Studies in Microbiology
University of Mysore, Manasagangotri
Mysore, India 570 006
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