School of Foreign Languages

The School of Foreign Languages is one of the oldest Foreign Language Departments in India.


The School of Foreign Languages offers various courses as per international pattern to suit Indian students. It offers FOUR levels of PART-TIME courses in SEVEN major foreign languages which can be completed within two years. So students desirous of pursuing higher studies abroad and required to learn foreign language can acquire competence in the language along with their studies.


Classes held generally in the after noon between 5.00 to 8.30 pm. In rare exceptional cases classes are held in the mornings and week days.


The department also plans to offer exclusive short-term courses for corporate sector outside regular courses. In such cases the department issues course completion certificate.


The School of Foreign Languages may be the first Foreign Language Department in India to introduce Machine (Computer and Web-Aided) Translation at Diploma Levels way back in 2002.


At present it trains students in the basic techniques of Pre-editing of the texts in source language and Post-editing of the texts in target language. Thus the students with elementary knowledge of Foreign Language will be able to effectively use free on-line translation services and communicate in foreign languages.



The School of Foreign Languages is engaged in research in integrating computer, internet and other digital languages solution devices into language teaching. The department is also engaged in developing learner-centric courseware.


Research leading to Ph. D

Areas of research: Foreign Language Teaching or Literature


 School of Foreign Languages

 Languages offered

1. Chinese
2. French
3. German
4. Italian
5. Japanese
6. Russian
7. Spanish