List of Statutes approved


1  Sri.Gubbi Veeranna Chair  Click to View
 2  Kuvempu Kavyadhyayana Chair  Click to View
 3  Diocesan Chair In Christianity    Click to View
 4  Swamy Vivekananda Chair Click to View
 5  Sri.D.Devaraja Urs Chair  Click to View
 6  Dr.Zakir Hussain Chair  Click to View
 7  Planning Commission Chair  Click to View
 8  Tippu  Sulthan Chair  Click to View
 9  Dr.Sir M. Vishweswaraiah Chair  Click to View
 10  State Bank Of Mysore Chair  Click to View
 11  Dr.P.R.Tippeswamy  Chair  Click to View
 12  6th Pay Scale   Click to View
 13  7th Pay Scale  Click to View
 14  UGC 10th Plan Statutes Click to View
 15  Establishing Centre for Computer Science & Information Technology by Merger of University Computer Centre and Centre for Information Science & Technology (CIST)  Click to View
 16  Establishment of Statistical Cell of the University of the Mysore  Click to View
 17  Establishment of College Development Council under Section 25, KSU Act, 2000  Click to View
 18  Establishment of Centre for Proficiency Development & Placement Services 2011(CPDPS)  Click to View
 19  Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Studies Research And Extension,  Centre  Click to View
 20  Dr.Babu Jagajivan Ram  Studies, Research And Extension Centre  Click to View
21 Sri.Rajarshi  Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar’s  Social And Development Studies Centre Click to View