Vijnana Bhavan

Facilities at Vijnana Bhavan:

➢ HD Camera (4K Ultra HD Professional Camcorder)

• Advanced Optical Image Stabilizer (4K/UHD/FHD) Supports 4K, UHD, FHD; 60p/50p/25p/24p

• 2 channel XLR, Audio, Wired/Wireless remote control, triple Manual Rings, user switch, time code, ND Filter, Live HDMI output.

➢ Audio Mixing Equipments

• 8 channel mixer with USB and digital effects

• Featuring studio grade amps with natural sounding bass and smooth cleaner mix and a cleaner vocal sound

➢ Microphones

• Conference Microphones

• 360° Omnidirectional Microphone Intelligent DSP Noise Reduction Condenser PC Mic for Video Conference and Online Class,

➢ Studio Lights

• The small LED panel light is equipped with a 1/4 universal ball head, which can adjust the panel 180°to to easily meet your different shooting angle requirements; cable control 10%~100% brightness level option. The up and down buttons can easily meet the needs all shooting occasion.

➢ Editing Equipments and Software

• All in one desktop system (Lenovo i5 10th generation 8GB Ram all-in-one PC with Windows 11 Operating System) for editing of all online and offline programs.

➢ Smart Interactive Multi Touch Screen for Meeting and Teaching Classroom

• Interactive system allow smart annotations, can display integrating sound, image and text together, make teaching more interesting.

• Interactive Screen (75 Inch) is an powerful instructional tool that can help any lesson come alive.

• This all-in-one Interactive Screen support wireless projection. PC configuration: USB2.0, USB3.0, RJ45 network port, HDMI, VGA, LINE output, MIC input, built-in WIFI.

Vijnana Bhavan Photo

Vijnana Bhavan Video