Radio Manasa

About Radio Manasa:

RADIO MANASA 89.6, A Community Radio Station of University of Mysore, is the first of its kind to be operated by a state run university in the state. Going ahead with the main purpose of bringing the University closer to the community in which it operates. University of Mysore has many first to its credit, and starting a radio station within the campus to benefit the student’s community and the civil society in and around is a feather in the cap of the institution.

RADIO MANASA operates from the campus which has coverage of around 15– kms radius in and around the city. The main component of the station is to make and broadcast programs related to development issues such as health, environment, and culture of the region, empowerment, education, entrepreneurship and related areas. The programs are well designed keeping in view the listeners choice and demands. The community members, students from the campus, teachers and civil society members are a part of the program and content generation. The programs are broadcasted for 2 hours every day in English and kannada so that it can reach the larger audience in the local community.

Program formats of the RADIO MANASA consists of Interviews, Radio talks, Public service advertisements (PSA) Group Discussions, Songs related to folk, Light music, and so on Radio Manasa also associates with various civil organizations and institutions to conduct various programs such as awareness drives, blood camps, health check up camps for the benefits of society and public .

For students RADIO MANASA has been conducting various workshops to provide skill based and hands on training for the budding students. Script writing, Radio Presenter workshop. Voice modulation, editing workshops, science writing workshops has been organised on regular basis to prepare them for the radio industry in the future.

Today RADIO MANASA also has become a media centre which is frequently visited by journalism students from various parts of the state to understand the working of the organizational structure of a community radio station, thus providing broader scope for the journalism and non journalism students about the radio operations.

Facilities at Radio Manasa:

1. Full Fledged Recording Studio

2. Audio Editing Suite

3. On Air Studio

4. Scripting Room

5. Discussion Room

6. Radio Museum

Equipment at Radio Manasa:

1. 12 Channel Audio Mixers

2. Portable Digital 24 bit MP3 Recorder for Field Recording

3. Rack-Mount Professional Dual MP3/CD Player

4. Audio Production editing software with 2x2 USB Audio interfaces Card

5. Power Conditioner

6. Telephone Hybrid

7. Professional Studio Monitor Speaker

8. Studio Condenser Microphone

9. Dynamic Vocal Microphone

10.Stereo Studio Headphones

11. 4 Channel Headphone Amplifiers

12. Table Microphone Arm Stands

13. Cables and Connectors

14. 19’’ Equipment Rack

15. Audio Logger Software with Audio Workstation

16. Radio Automation Software with Workstation

17. Production Premium Digital Audio Mixer

18. Dynamic Vocal Microphone

19. Floor Microphone Stands

20. Power Conditioner

21. Professional Studio Monitor Speakers

22. Stereo Studio Headphones

23. Cables and Connectors

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