What MLRCC Can Do?

1. MLRCC can Prepare Audio - video modules for supplementary teaching.

2. MLRCC can develop multi-media digital learning resources for students of higher education and facilitate them for learning through internet, mobile and other CD media applications.

3. MLRCC can establish an on-line portal for students and public access, of knowledge resources of about 100 subject areas that are needed widely (with a separate Domain Name Server at the font-end, Content Creation Server at the back-end and back-up server for recovery).

4. MLRCC Assisting for all Webinars, Virtual Classes and Online Meetings (MLRCC Studio equipments are used for the online webinars and online class. During this pandemic period MLRCC has assisted for online class and webinars. We used online applications like Google Meet, Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Jitsi Meet and GoToMeeting)

5. MLRCC Assisting for Live YouTube Channel for University of Mysore (MLRCC Studio equipment are also utilized for the Live programs in University of Mysore YouTube Channel – uomlive. Till now 2.05K subscribers)

6. MLRCC can assist in recording of all the Events of university, and created the archival media resources.

7. Create e-evaluation modules for students' self-evaluation and improvement.

8. MLRCC conducted Orientation courses to in-service officers/other resource persons, for developing E-content and explained online pedagogy & instructional design methods using multimedia for teaching and learning.

9. MLRCC can Provide gallery of infographics for teaching students in 100 subjects.

10. Generate document files on all open source items of subject-related encyclopedia.

11. Deploy PPT (Power point) resources of student’s seminar on-line.

12. Deploy PPT (Power point) resources of faculty lectures on-line.

13. Offer any on-line certificate/diploma on Developing Multimedia Teaching-learning Resources.

14. MLRCC can create e-content for Online training for Govt. officers in Karnataka and other States

15. MLRCC has prepared the Video Lessons for Karnataka Police Academy (KPA), for MOOC course to be offered to their Police Personnel.

16. In CD forms, the contents were released during 4 Brainstorming workshops & distributed to 5000 Students in 4 years (between 2013 to 18): SC/ST Cell/CPDPS/MLRCC.

17. Competitive exam preparation materials – open source contents (1,20,000 files- syllabus, model and previous exam questions, preparatory skills, reference lists, etc) were prepared.

18. MLRCC has done the Digitization of Mysore University English – Kannada Dictionary –More than 1,20,000 words in Kannada language have been completely brought under one master portal, like other world’s best online dictionaries.

19. Digitization of Mysore University English – Kannada Dictionary was deployed for Mobile Application (Mobile access offline).

20. With copyright permission- Kannada Vishaya Vishwakosha 1200 entries / articles have been converted into HTML for deployment. Kannada Vishaya Vishwakosha – 5 volumes are getting converted for online access.

21. MLRCC can collect glossaries and Illustrations in various subjects have been collected – could be used like infovisuals- suitable for teaching–learning.

Facilities at MLRCC:

➢ Recording and editing studio with HD camera, lights and editors, software, books + scanned and collected images

➢ DN Server + Data Server + Backup server

➢ 16TB Storage SAN box, firewall, racks, etc

➢ Internet gateway, load balancing for at least 30,000 concurrent users, initially.