The department of studies in botany during 1980’s felt the need for M.Sc., microbiology course considering the fact that Microbiology will play an increasing central role as a kind of beacon for biology. M.Sc. Microbiology was started in 1992 with the sole aim of offering another relevant course, considering the need of the society. During 1999, it was identified as a separate Section of Microbiology was established as a separate Department of Studies in Microbiology on 23 rd July, 2008.

Mission and Vision

The department has a mission to impart scientific and technical knowledge to Students, with a vision to produce trained microbiologists.

Focused research and development has contributed to the knowledge of microorganisms with vast applications in human health, agriculture, environment and industrial sectors.

Research & Consultancy

The Department of Studies in Microbiology has gained national reputation by offering free consultation service to farmers, plantation owners, nursery growers and forest officials in identifying the causal organism and control measures to tackle plant pathogens. Supply Bacterial Culture, Funal Culture, water Culture, Identification, thousands of diseased plant materials are screened, pathogens are identified and remedial measures are suggested to farmers and growers on a regular basis.

Ongoing research and academic programmes carried out in the department have been recognized and sponsored by Department of Science and Technology’s FIST programme and by the UGC.

Past directors / Chairperson

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