Library and Information Science

Brief History of Department

The Department of Studies in Library and Information Science, established on June 24, 1965 has steadily grown from strength to strength in respect of faculty and teaching programmes. Today, the Department is leading the country in LIS education and has made a strong presence in the profession through its innovative teaching programmes and sponsored Research Projects. The courses offered reflect the changing dimensions of the field. The curricula of our programmes reflect our commitment to change, innovate and adapt. Courses are geared towards imparting knowledge and skill sets requisite for the emerging information society and preparing the next generation of information professionals.


We have been able to make a visible impact in LIS education in India through our accomplishments in terms of our programmes and activities- particularly our curriculum innovations, research projects, short-term training programmes, seminars and conferences.


Our Strengths

  • Curriculum innovations
  • Sponsored Projects
  • Organizing Seminars/Workshops
  • Research and Development Efforts
  • Consultancy