Gandhi Bhavan

Preamble and Justification for Centre for Gandhian Studies

M.K.Gandhi, affectionately called as Mahatma Gandhi, is one of world’s great leaders who has left behind him a legacy of a system of thought, so much so it has become common to speak of Gandhian thought. Mahatma is remembered as a freedom fighter, who won political freedom to India, his deeds, words and writings convey a certain outlook concerning a way of life for humanity as a whole. He saw life as a whole and developed an integrated view of life. For him, there was no line of demarcation between Economics and Ethics, Ethics and Politics, Politics and Sociology, Sociology and Economics, etc. With a view to inculcate his ideals and thoughts among the young generation and general public, to undertake research and extension activities for proliferating the principles and values propounded by Gandhiji to establish an egalitarian society. The conversion of Department of Gandhian Studies as a Centre for Gandhian Studies is felt necessary, as University of Mysore is one of the heritage and reputed Universities which has to have more and centres of studies. Of course, spreading the message of Mahatma is the prime objective of the centre.

Genesis of Gandhi Bhavan

Gandhi Bhavan situated in Manasagangotri is one among the first Gandhi Bhavan to be established in India, way back in the 1960s. Soon after the assasination of Mahatma, it was felt by Government of India, State governments, freedom fighters to spread the message of Mahatma all over the country. With this purpose, Government of India encouraged the universities to establish Gandhi Bhavan to make use of them to disseminate and spread the message of Mahatma. University of Mysore also initiated to establish a Gandhi Bhavan in the university campus on the lines of Gandhi Bhavan already established in other universities.
The foundation stone of Gandhi Bhavan was laid on 13th October 1960 by the then Chief Minister Shri B. D. Jatti. This was inaugurated on Sunday 31st January 1965 by Shri Morarji Bhai Desai an ardent follower of Gandhiji, who later became the Prime Minister of India. So far 14 Scholors/Professors have served as Directors of Gandhi Bhavan. The list of the Honorary Directors served in the University is given below:-


1. Prof.M.Yamunacharya                                                      -1965 to 1966
2. Prof.U.K.Subrayachar                                                       -1966 to 1969
3. Prof.H.Thipperudra Swamy                                              -1969 to 1974
4. Prof.Nadig Krishna Murthy                                              - 30-11-1974 to 14-8-1978
5. Dr.A.L.Shivarudrappa                                                      -16-8-1979 to 30-9-1980
6. Prof.H.P.Malledevaru                                                       -12-1-1981 to 31-8-1984
7. Prof.H.Sanjeevaiah                                                          -29-10-1984 to 17-3-1989
8. Prof.Krishna Murthy                                                        -5-1-1990 to 15-7-1991
9. Prof.O.Anantharamaiah                                                  -28-3-1992 to 1996
10. Prof.M.Ramachandra                                                    -5-12-1996 to 17-2-2004
11. Dr.S.Shivarajappa                                                         -17-2-2004 to 8-4-2008
12. Dr.Muzaffar Assadi                                                      -8-4-2008 to 1-1-2010
13. Prof.Sugitha Suvarna                                                   -2-1-2010 to 21-10-2013

14.Prof.M.G.Basava Raja                                                    -21-10-2013 to 13-11-2014

15 Dr.S.Shivarajappa                                                         -14-11-2014 to 04-01-2018

16. Prof.M.S.Shekhar                                                        - 05-01-2018 to till date

Aims and Objectives

The main aims and objectives of University of Mysore in establishing Gandhi Bhavan is to disseminate the message of Mahatma Gandhi among the students and general public as a whole. To achieve this purpose, Gandhi Bhavan arranges seminars and symposia and invited lectures whenever possible. Every year Gandhi Bhavan celebrates the Independence day on 15th of August, Gandhi Jayanthi on 2nd October, and the martyr’s day on 30th of January. In addition, for the high school students, quiz programmes and lectures on Gandhian thought and Quiz programmes are organized in collaboration with the school managements.
Centre for Gandhian Studies – Issues of quality, Inter disciplinary approach and University – Industry Inter-face.

1. It is a matter of great concern that even the top ranking institutions of the country do not figure among the best in the world. Hence, it is necessary to give due consideration

    for issues of quality in higher education.
2. There is greater need to give more attention to research and quality of Ph.D. programmes
3. The inter- disciplinary perspectives have to become corner stones of present-day research and it has to become part of the academic culture.
4. There is a need to reverse the today’s academic system where individual departments operate as Islands and there should be greater focus on problems that engage the faculty in inter-disciplinary research.

5. There is need for strengthening the university-industry interface to give a fillip to R and D. This is useful to university departments as well as industrial undertakings. There is a need to make a detailed study of how this interface operate in other countries so that the best international practices can be replicated here. Precisely, proposed Centre for Gandhian Studies take care of above facts.