Environmental Science


The Department of Studies in Environmental Science was started in the year of 1992, under the stewardship of Prof. P. Venkataramaiah, in the Department of Physics. The Department was subsequently headed by coordinators Prof. J. Shashidhara Prasad, Prof. Nagappa, Prof. S. L. Belagali and Dr. A. G. Devi Prasad. The Department was shifted to new building in 2002 with good infrastructure and laboratory facility.

 The facilities in the Department include: Wi-Fi connection, Seminar halls with advanced projector system, Instruments such as: PCR unit, Gel Electrophoresis unit, Gas Chromatography and High Speed Defreeze Centrifuge.


The faculties have undertaken several individual and collaborative research projects having regional, national and international importance, from various agencies like Department of Science and Technology (DST), Department of Bio-Technology (DBT), Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Philips, Institute of Excellence (IOE-MHRD). The department is encouraging interdisciplinary research work with national research institutes such as CFTRI and sister departments of the University. The department is offering free consultation services to the public as well as industries on Environment related issues and problems such as EIA of developmental projects, assessment of water quality, wasteland development and conservation of economically potential plants.


-          Environmental chemistry

-          Environmental microbiology

-          Environmental toxicology

-          Solid waste management

-          GIS and remote sensing

-          Conservation of biodiversity


Dr S L Belagali

1.    A study on the composting phenomena - its relevance, physio-chemical and spectroscopic approach  (2010 onwards)

Dr A G Devi Prasad

1.    Identification and Documentation of Medicinal Legumes in Western Ghats of Karnataka (2010 - 13)

Dr N S Raju

1.    Environmental Impacts of Exploitation of Medicinal Plants in Western Ghats (2010 - 13)

2.    Screening of Organophosphorus Pesticide degrading Microorganisms in Polluted Soils of Mysore District (2011-14)

3.    Vermicomposting Technology for Socio-Economic development of Rural SC/ST and Weaker Sections in Mysore District, Karnataka (2011-14)

Dr G V Venkataramana

1.    Production of manure using organic waste by composting and vermin-composting technology (2008-12)

2.    Studies on impact of industrial effluents on the occurrence and distribution of freshwater hydrobiont in Chikkadevaraya  Canal of Krishnarajasagar Dam, Mysore district, Karnataka (2009-13)

3.     Impact of anthropogenic activities on diversity of freshwater fish fauna in western Ghats, Karnataka (2010 - 13)

4.    Evaluation of impact of pollutants on Fishes and diversity in aquatic bodies of Mysore District (2011-14)

Dr S Srikantaswamy

1.    Speciation of heavy metals and their geochemical behaviour in urban waste water- a case study of Mysore city (2010 - 13)


Dr A G Devi Prasad

1.    NPECC's International Suvarna Parisara Rathna, 1988

2.    Indira Priyadarshini Best Scientist Award, 2011, by Bose Science Society


1.  Jindal Jubilee Gold Medal

2.  Smt. Basavaraju Gemini Distilleries Endowment Gold Medal

3.  Late B. Basavalingappa Memorial Trust Endowment Gold Medal

4.  Smt. Meenakshamma Chandrashekar Gold Medal

5.  Murthy's Cash Prize For Excellence


Ø  Conducting exhibition and rallies to create environmental awareness in public.

Ø  Extension activities related to greening the waste lands

Ø  Dissemination of expertise and training to current environmental issues and problems in rural and urban areas