The DOS in Education, established way back in 1956, has successfully produced 56 batches of M.Ed. students.


The DOS in Education has been offering one year post – graduate programme for the teacher trainees who have completed their graduation and B.Ed. Degree. Research programmes leading to Ph.D. degree contributing much to the improvement and reformation of the education system are being carried out at the department. Post – doctoral studies and various major research projects shouldered/carried out by the efficient researchers & faculty members is an added achievement.


The adept Emeritus Professors are also bestowing outstanding research upshots, is an added distinction of repute to the department of studies in Education.


Highly qualified faculty possessing profound knowledge with a great zeal in teaching and research endeavors have strived for the progressive achievement and evolution of the Department.


The department has also organized successfully numerous work-shops, orientation programmes, course work, seminars, conferences at national and international levels on divergent, recent issues emerging in the discipline of education.


From the succeeding year, as per the NCTE recommendation, a two-year post-graduate programme is being tailored / designed.


An M.Phil. programme is also in the offing / proposal. Initially from 1956-19----DOS in Education had been offering a 2 years Post – graduate course of M.A. in Education, in the later years.




The discipline of education is of much relevance to any subject, as it gives a meaning for the educational process, that we are undertaking.


It is the basic foundation that students of any discipline be it science, language or arts that one should understand.


It covers a vast field with its varied aspects. Education as a discipline is both “arts” as well as “Science”. It deals with how the concept of education emerged. It comprises of the philosophical principles, psychological evidences and sociological foundations. It derives its theoretical frame work from the various disciplines like philosophy, sociology, psychology and to a certain extent from economics.


As a Science it deals with the “Pedagogy of teaching”. Pedagogy means the “Science of teaching”. As a part of Science, we have the research field, i.e. educational research which comprises of the “Scientific enquiry” about a problem. It is mainly depending upon the psychological testing and evaluation. The research methodologies are truly scientific and the results are analyzed using various statistical measures with reference to quantitative research. We also conduct qualitative research where in we study in depth regarding one area, emerge some salient themes, which are described and discussed elaborately through the various pro’s and con’s.


Education is (misunderstood) misinterpreted as infusing knowledge and a process that is limited to schools, colleges and universities, but education in the true sense is to being out the potential that is inherent in an individual. Education is a continuous, comprehensive, life – long process. Which helps in drawing out the potential inherent in an individual, at the same time filling up the lacunae that may be present in an individual, education is a continuous comprehensive life long process which is achieved through the agencies of formal, informal and non-formal.