Economics and Cooperation

Brief History of Department:  

Department of Economics and Cooperation is one of the oldest departments of the University and being at the core of its faculty of arts, the Department of Economics and Cooperation has always played its role creditably as a centre of qualitative teaching and research. It has a long list of former students who have distinguished themselves in education, administration and other areas of public service in India and abroad. Reputed economists like K.T. Shah, N.S. Subba Rao, V.L. D’ Souza, M.H. Gopal, R. Balakrishna  D.M Nanjundappa, P.R. Bramhananda and Ranganath Bradwaz, were once on the faculty of this department.

The Department of Economics and Cooperation is one of the largest departments under the Faculty of Arts in the University of Mysore. The department was started in the year 1916 but it had no independent existence. Master's degree course was started in the year 1926 along with B A Course in Maharaja's college. The Post-graduate course was separated from under graduate courses in 1960-61 and the former got shifted to the new campus at Manasagangotri, Mysore. With generous assistance from the UGC and other sources, the department has grown both horizontally and vertically over a period of time. The teaching posts at the time of inception of the department were: one professor, two Readers and one Lecturer. Over the years, the strength of the faculty has increased to 16 of this 06 Professors, 05 Readers and 05 Lecturers. The department from time to time has introduced new specializations with a view to diversify the existing structure and respond to the changing needs of the country's manpower requirements. The department has been emphasizing greatly on quality of teaching and research. The department is offering courses - Doctoral Degree, M.Phil, Master Degree programmes in Economics and Cooperative Management at main campus at Manasagangotri and Master Degree programme in Economics at Vishweshwaraya P G Centre, Mandya. The student strength is around 150.  The State Bank of Mysore Chair and Planning Commission Chair in the department are actively engaged in research and capacity building.


Linkage With Other Institutions:

 Department Associates with -

➢ Institute for Social and Economic Change

➢ V-Lead

➢ Organization for the Development of People

➢ Administrative Training Institute

➢ Karnataka Police Academy

➢ Abdul Nazirsab State Institute for Rural Development

➢ Rural Development through Self-employment and Training

➢ Indian Society for Training and Development

➢ Regional Institute of Education

➢ Society for Participatory Research in Asia

➢ Zilla Panchayat

List of Prizes/ Endowment Gold Medals

•M H Gopal  Felicitation Gold Medal

•Sri Hugh Daly Memorial Gold Medal

•Srimathi Balamani MA Medal

•Prof. K Venkatagiri Gowda Endowment Gold Medal

•The NS Subba Rao ( Cash Prize)

•Diamond Jubilee Commemoration Gold Medal

•Prof. Bisalaiah  endowment gold Medel Mrs. Bisalaiah  endowment gold medal

•Smt. Balamani. M.A (GM)

•M.B.Venkata Rao commemoration endowment, (GM)

•Anandi Bai Gold Medel

•Prof .G.N. Krishnamurthy Memorial Endowment (GM)

•Prof. S. Bisalaiah (GM)

•Sri. A. Vijaya Raghavachar Endowment (GM)

•Smt. Susheela Bisalaiah (GM)

•Sri. S.M. Veera Raghavachar (GM)

•Smt. Gowramma, Gundappa Memorial (GM)

•The City Co-operative Bank Ltd. Mysore Diamond Jubilee comm. Gold Medal.