Brief History of Department:

The Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research in Christianity was instituted in the University of Mysore in the year 1980 at the Post Graduate level to promote higher studies and research in Christian ideology in the pluralistic, multi-religious and secular context of Indian reality. The principle thrust of this Department is to promote national progress and integration, social and religious harmony and enrichment of the individuals by the understanding of world religions and cultures through research into the Christian values.

 The ancient and prestigious University of Mysore took a unique decision to institute the Chair in Christianity and subsequently a full-fledged independent Post Graduate Department of Studies in Christianity. The Senate, at its meeting on 23rd September 1978, accepted the proposal of the then Bishop of Mysore, Bishop Mathias Fernandez of happy memory, to institute a Chair in Christianity in the University of Mysore and approved the statutes framed for this purpose. These received the assent of the Chancellor on 4th January 1979. The overall aim of the Chair is to promote research, teaching, learning and publication of Christianity as a discipline.

 With the good work done under the auspices of the Chair in Christianity since its official inauguration in the Crawford Hall, on 2nd July 1979  it has been possible to pave the way for the establishment of an independent, post-graduate Department of Christianity in the University of Mysore. The Senate of the University took a formal decision on 4th November 1980, to establish this new Department and it received the formal assent of the Chancellor on 23rd December 1981.  From then on the Department has been organizing a full-fledged  M.A., M. Phil and Ph.D. courses in Christianity with a scientific and comparative religious approach as its major thrust.

 Uniqueness of the Department:

 The Department of Post-graduate Studies and Research is the first of its kind in Asia and the country that has been organizing a full-fledged M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D courses in Christianity. The students are made to engage in a scientific and comparative study of religions with its scriptural approach in the social, economic and political perspectives of Indian reality. The Department promotes advanced studies and research in Christianity, Christian and Indian spirituality in depth in a secular, multi-religious and inter-disciplinary context. The students are enabled to positively challenge and actively contribute to the higher education, animation and motivation in liberation perspective for social transformation and to promote national integration and social harmony in dialogue with the other cultures, ideologies and religions. The teaching pedagogy adopted to achieve this goal is through training, class room lectures, tutorials, practicals, seminars, group discussions, PPT, debate, visits to different religious places of worship,  satsanghs,  inter-religious meetings and  inter-faith dialogue.