Social Work

Brief History of Department:


The Professional Social Work course leading to Master’s Degree, affiliated to the University of Mysore, was started in 1977 at the School of Social Work, Roshini Nilaya, Mangalore. In the academic year 1977-78 with a service of two temporary faculty members, a two- year PG course in Social Work (MSW) was stared in the PG Department of Sociology under the Chairmanship of Late Prof. C. Parvathamma. With the establishment of Mangalore University in 1984, the School of Social Work, Roshini Nilaya, Mangalore came to be affiliated Mangalore University. 


To strengthen the research and training activities in the field of Social Work the University of Mysore established an independent Department of Studies in Social Work in January 1990, bifurcating the Social Work Course from the PG Department of Sociology.


For the first two years after the establishment of the MSW course in the department of Sociology the University offered the course under semester pattern. In the year 1979 the annual system was adopted. The semester scheme has been reintroduced from the academic year 2001-02.


Departmental Research activities


The faculty members are actively involved in guiding students leading to Doctor of Philosophy in social Work. The Department undertakes research projects sponsored by UNICEF, UGC, State Government., Central Government, Industry, NGOs, etc.,


Best Practices


•       The department has strived to make the students proficient in soft skills along with the core curriculum so that the students have good placement opportunities.

•       Campus interviews are organized for the student placements.

•        Various workshops and skills training programmes are conducted every year to cater to the job demands of the market.

•        Regular and formal staff-students interaction takes place in the form of individual conferences and group conferences. Here the expert faculty guide and supervise the

           students in field work and also mentor the students in both personal and professional growth.