Brief History of Department

    One of the oldest Sociology Departments in the country, the Department of Sociology in the University of Mysore started functioning as an independent entity in 1949. Even as early as in 1928-29, Sociology was being taught at the undergraduate level. The Department of Sociology has parented two more departments, Anthropology in 1974 and Social Work in 1990.

Doctoral Programme: 

Ph.D Degrees Awarded: 57

Current Registrations: 52

Research Areas:

Gender Studies, Social Disorganisation, Sociology of Education,

Rural Development, Social Movements, Tribal Development,

Sociology of Health, Voluntary Sector, Sociology of Religion,

Marginalized Groups


The Department has a Library with nearly 500 books both in English and Kannada.

Unique Features of the Department


  • Field based student projects as a mandatory component of the course syllabus
  • Networks established with voluntary groups for student placement
  • Collaborative research projects with national and international organizations
  • Research proejcts with policy implications sponsored by state and central governemnts.