About Radio Manasa 89.6
RADIO MANASA 89.6 , Kanasugala Ditta Hejje  as its tagline ,this Community Radio station is owned and managed by University of Mysore . This community radio intends to keep up the vision and mission of the university by involving itself in the upliftment of the community as a whole. The programs  of the RADIO MANASA is very inclusive in nature which will promote the culture, traditions and aspiration of the community members in which it operates. The programs are well planned keeping in view the pulse of the community members. The city of Mysore as so much in the offing and the radio station will encash on the local talents , students and community members .  Wide variety of programs which includes health, women , development , culture , education , local talents , children’s , folk , music issues are recorded and broadcasted which can be informative , educational and entertaining to the listeners . The Radio Manasa 89.6  , will provide  a platform and stage for the people who can exhibit their talent in their respective  fields . The dreams, aspirations of the community members can be fulfilled through the programs of the station . Students of the campus and community members will conceptualised, plan, and execute these programs with the guidance of the coordinator and program manager of the station. Interviews, Radio talks, discussions, songs, dramas are the major formats of the program experimented in the stations. The radio station also organises training programs and community oriented activities at regular intervals.
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