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Library Collections

The Mysore University Library has acquired a large number of Books, Journals, Reports, Thesis, E-Journals, CD-ROMs, Data-bases, Non-book materials, News Papers and Magazines, etc., by utilizing various types of grants funded by State Government, University, UGC and Other Academic and Scientific Organizations, WEB OPAC for New and OLD Books

Types of Documents  Numbers
 Books 4,35,000
 Periodicals (Including Bound Journals) 1,20,000
 Reference and Archival Materials 14,000
 Thisis and Dissertation 4,000
 Numeber of Indian Journals 330
 E-Journals 9,300 +
 [Silver Platters Subject-wise, Multimedia + Text Books]
 Micro Form


 Micro Fische 10
 Audio Cassettes 26

 Video Cassettes 250


The Library conducts periodically the following user oriented professional activities.

  1. User Awareness / Education Programme
  2. Orientation Programme to Fresh Students
  3. Display of Books on Important personalities and occasions
  4. Book Exhibition on New Arrivals to Library / Gifted Books
  5. Tour of the Library for visitors

Digitization of Mysore University Library Collection

The Library houses a very Unique and Precious type of documents date backs to 18th and 19th Centuries. In order to preserve and conserve these documents for the longer time, efforts are being made to digitize these important historical and archival documents


The Library is periodically releasing new arrival lists, both in Print and CD format. It also bringing out the Library Guide Book / Brochure of the Library.