Library Rules

  1. Bonafide members of the library are requested to adhere / follow the Rules and Regulations in the interest of the effective Administration and Smooth functioning of the library.
  2. Library Membership is compulsory to all students who are admitted to PG Courses / PG Diploma and Certificate Courses.
  3. Readers are requested to bring their Memberhip ID Card whenever they visit the library.
  4. Members are requested to deposit their belongings at the Library Security cum Deposit Counter and obtain the token without fail.
  5. Readers are requested not to bring any valuable / costly materials like Jewels, Money, Mobiles and any other equipments to the library.
  6. Staff at the security counter are authorized to check the Membership ID Card at the entrance of the library.
  7. All readers are requested to put their signature compulsorily in the attendance register kept at the Security Desk.
  8. Members are not allowed to bring their personnel Books, Journals and any other Electronic equipments inside the library.
  9. Readers are requested to converse in low tone / voice.
  10. Readers are requested to not to fold the pages of any books whilel taking for xerox instead please use flaps for identification.
  11. Please switch off your mobiles whenever your are inside the library.
  12. Please use the dustbin to put any wastages like papers, chocolate covers and any such garbage’s.
  13. Please do not tear the pages of any books instead, please use photocopy facilities.
  14. Please do not misplace / hide the documents and try to maintain the arrangements in order without any disturbance.
  15. Please keep the library environment clean and tidy.
  16. Members are requested to keep the books on the desk itself after their use.
  17. Members are requested to renew their membership by surrendering their old borrower’s tickets and membership ID Card in place of the new one.
  18. Members are requested to produce their ID Card at security desk on demand by the security personnel.
  19. Readers are requested to contact the concerned authority for any guidance and assistance.
  20. Readers Co-operation is solicited.