To be a model Hindi department by brining the students to the fore front of Hindi Literature, Language and Research field



•To impart relevant and  high quality education to the students

•To inculcate to the values of Indian culture

•To teach the students the values of self reliance and service

•A unique optional language ( with its role in literature, language,  administration and mass communication)

•Role of Hindi in Indian culture



The Post-graduate department of Hindi came into existence in the year 1959. Thanks to Herculean efforts of visionaries like Prof.N.Nagappa, Prof.M.Rajeshwaraiah, Dr.Hiranmay, Dr.M.S.Krishnamurthy and Dr.N.S.Dakshinamurthy,  Who opened the gates of knowledge to one and all in the Country by making available M.A. in Hindi course.


Former Chairpersons-

Prof. N. Nagappa

Prof. Rajeswaraiah

Prof. M.S Krishmurthy

Dr. Dakshinamurty

Prof. J.S. Kusumgeetha

Prof. Malati Tondan

Prof. Thipeswamy

Prof. V.D. Hegade

Prof. Shashidhar L.Gudigenvar



•Department library

•Internet Facility

•Class room with ICT- 01

•Office Room

•Chairman’s Room

•SC/ST Scholarship

•RGNF for Ph.D Students

•Non Teaching staff


Endowments –

UTTAR PRADESH GOVERNMENT ENDOWMENT: Uttar pradesh Govt. has instituted two endowments in the university to promote National Integration of Rs. Four Lakhs and of Rs. One lakhs. Under U.P. Govt. endowment, department has  translates  Modern Kannada literature in to Hindi and Vice-versa. 


Endowments Prizes-

Sri. Ramkrishnappa and Smt Muddlingamma yane Chinnamma vishyarthi yogakshem nidhi, every year three Prizes are given to those students who secure first three places in I and II semester Examinations. 


Gold Medals-


•Sarva Pratham Hindi Professor Nagappa Swarna Padak (For the candidate who secures First Rank in M.A.) 

•Smt Merlecha Indira Kanwar Kishanlal Jain Endowmenrt Gold Medal ( for the candidate who secures highest marks in “Kabirdas’)  

•The K.V. Sreenivas Murthy Memorial Hindi m.A. Gold Medal ( for the candidate who secures the highest marks in Elements of Linguistics and History of Hindi Language)


Best Practice-

•PRATIBHA” an annual manuscript magazine is being brought out every year to encourage creative writing in Hindi of the Departmental students. Pratibha day is also observed annually to encourage students participation in literary activities

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