Babu Jagjivan Ram Studies, Research and Extension Centre

Dr.K. Sadashiva
Designation Hon.Director
Office Address Director
Babu Jagjivan Ram Studies, Research and Extension Centre
Phone No +91-0821  2419355

 Brief about Centre

     Babu Jagjivan Ram is one of the most illustrious leaders of our country.  His name has been one of those embossed in golden letters on the political scenario of India for the crucial role he played on various occasions thus contributing to the progress of our country.


     With a view to carry out an in-depth study into his contribution and to disseminate the basic tenets and values propounded by him, the University of Mysore, with the munificent financial assistance by the State Government, established Babu Jagjivan Ram Studies, Research and Extension Centre.  The University of Mysore is one of the oldest universities in the country which has always been initiating new experiments and innovative programmes in the field of higher education setting its leadership edge in reaching the fruits of higher education to larger masses.


     In this connection, Babu Jagjivan Ram Study chair was inaugurated on August 18th 2003 in the University of Mysore.  First Babu Jagjivan Chair in the Nation to have an independent building constructed out of from the MP and MLA fund given by Sri. C.H. Vijayashankar and Sri. H.S. Shankarlinge Gowda.   At Present, the chair has become a part of the Babu Jagjivan Ram Studies, Research and Extension Centre which came into being from June, 2010.  The Centre is engaged in pursuing its studies and research pertaining to Babu Jagjivan Ram, his life and works, his illustrious political career, speeches and contribution to the development of the nation.  The Centre, endowed with a practical outlook, is also endeavouring more to carry the ideals of Babuji to remote corners of city and rural belts.  It is also joining hands with several Governmental and other agencies in reaching out valuable information of the programmes and facilities offered by the Government towards the cause of rural development, upliftment of the rural masses, women empowerment and betterment of the downtrodden.


     Honorable speaker of the Lok Sabha Dr. Meira Kumar laid the foundation stone for the Centre’s new building on May 18, 2010 which is on the verge of completion.  The new building is going to accommodate a seminar hall, class rooms and library.


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