Ambedkar Research Centre

Bharatha Rathna Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar was a man of versatile genius, great economist, constitutionalist, social reformist, a political thinker, a champion of downtrodden and above all a great humanist. 


He had taken utmost care to draft the liberal Constitution. His notion of democracy made him to stand unique among the modern thinkers of democracy.  For him, democracy is `a way of life wherein revolutionary changes in the socio-economic code of life of the people are brought about without bloodshed`.  This itself is a testimony for his conviction in the establishment of liberal democratic system.  This system to him should bring an end to all sorts of discrimination and thereby establishing a casteless society because he believed caste is an hindrance to the growth of individual and the democratic system. 


As a first step University of Mysore to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee Celebration had constituted Dr. Ambedkar Chair in 1994 to carry out the tenets of this great leader. In 2000, the University expanded the Research and Extension activities on Bharatha Rathna Dr. Babasaheb  Ambedkar,  which   resulted in the establishment  of this  centre.  


Sri.V.Srinivasa Prasad, Member of Legislative Assembly and former Union Minister a committed Ambedkarist made a whole-hearted contribution in the  construction   of   a   separate   building   for   this   centre.    The   centre   got   Rs.  30  lakhs  from Dr. Beatrix D` Souza an Anglo Indian MP from MP Local Area Development Fund Chennai, upon the request of Sri. V. Srinivasa Prasad.  The centre is housed in this new magnificiant building near the University Prasaranga  Directorate