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The University of Mysore has started a new job oriented course - M.Tech. in Materials Science with funding and support from University Grants Commission, New Delhi under the banner “University with Potential for Excellence (UPE)” in 2012. The main goal of this UPE scheme is to make the Indian universities as comparable to World-class universities by supporting them to grow further in their chosen areas of teaching, research and development. Materials Science Centre is born out of this major program undertaken by the University of Mysore with big funding from UGC, New Delhi. UGC’s dedicated database Shodh Ganga has indicated that the University of Mysore, is a leading institution in the country in the area of Materials Science. Accordingly, the UGC Expert Committee has recommended to the University of Mysore, to nurture this subject for the future generations and promote this field among the stakeholders and contribute to the generation of specialists in this field. The course content is formulated keeping in mind the demands from Industry and R&D Institutions from India and abroad. The practical training given will well equip the students to pursue higher studies or get entry into Scientific Premier R&D laboratories across the country as well outside the country. This degree is in demand overseas and also has greater industrial job prospects.

The admission to M.Tech. Course is through an entrance examination and is open to Undergraduate Degree holders from diversified background such as Basic Science Subjects, Engineering, Medical, Agricultural Science, Pharmaceutical Science, and Dental Science. M.Tech. in Materials Science Program is of TWO Years for Medical, Pharmaceutical Science, Dental Science, Engineering Students, and M.Sc., Degree holders. However, the course is of THREE Years for students from B.Sc., background. B.Sc., students can have a lateral exit after first four semesters (TWO Years) with M.Sc, Degree in Materials Science.

Materials are the unacknowledged pillars of modern technology. The course is offered under Choice Based Credit System with continuous evaluation. Accordingly, several innovative subjects such as Materials Processing, Materials Characterization, Nanochemistry, Nanophysics, Materials for Energy Storage, Aerospace Materials, Industrial Crystallization, Thermochemical Modeling, etc. are offered to students from diversified background. The students are free to select any subject of their liking. The details of the credits and subjects offered are listed in the page Course Syllabus and available from the University website:

The University of Mysore, one of the finest legacies of the Princely State of Mysore, was established by the Maharaja of Mysore, His Highness Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, on July 27, 1916, and is the sixth oldest University in India. NAAC has accredited the University of Mysore with highest grade point in the state. The University of Mysore has a long established tradition in interdisciplinary and trans-border research involving Major departments like Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Polymer Science, Biotechnology, and Microbiology working on the current topics in the frontier areas of science including Materials Science. The senior faculty of these PG Departments and experts from National Laboratories are actively involved in teaching and training the M.Tech. Students with the state of the art facilities listed overleaf. The participating faculty members have proven strength through high-quality publications, trainings and sponsored research projects with national and international collaborations and consultancy services offered at various levels.

The M.Tech students are encouraged to work on a chosen Minor and Major projects from 3rd semester onwards. The syllabus at present consists of 13 hard core papers and 23 soft core papers.

The details of the syllabus, and the scheme of examination (including the entrance examination) are available on the University of Mysore website given above

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