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Last date for Registration is February 23, 2018

About the conference

Advances in nanomaterials are an emerging platform to improve and meet the challenges in the field of energy, electronics, environment and healthcare. Nanomaterials ranging from polymers, semiconductors, crystals and nanoparticles have gained importance as a thrust area of research and development due to their unique electrical, optical and magnetic properties. Nanomaterial sciences comprises of theoretical and experimental aspects of chemistry, physics, nanotechnology and biology. The nanomaterials research has led to progress in surface coatings technology, solar cells, photonics, sensors applications, thin solid films and thin film applications. The advanced nanomaterials are receiving worldwide attention as their integration into biology has revolutionized the development of biomedical devices and implants, live cell imaging and diagnosis, microfluidics and nanofluidics, targeted drug delivery and controlled release, gene delivery and therapy. They are also increasingly used in addressing the challenges in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering for the treatment of disease and injury. Nanomaterials are also playing a key role in safe food production and food processing from farm to plate; and as innovative tools in agriculture for sustainable development. The conference on nanomaterials will be a multidisciplinary forum for discussions and deliberations on bridging the gap between fundamental laboratory research and its application in engineering, biology, food industry and medicine.

The two days international conference will see the convergence of material science and biological sciences. The conference will bring together the scientific community of Physicists, Chemists and Biologists to discuss the latest developments in the processing and characterization nanomaterials and the challenges in their application for engineering solutions and in biomedical field. Eminent scientists will share their expertise with young researchers to promote the research in basic and advanced applied aspects of nanomaterials. The keynote and invited talks with plenary and technical sessions spanning for two days will see the exchange of knowledge and information on recent advances and ongoing trends in the nanomaterials and their applications. It will be a great opportunity for interaction and collaboration between the academia and industry to extend the lab and pilot scale research in the nanomaterials to develop into innovative and cutting edge technology for real deployment and solutions. This conference will have sessions covering all aspects on synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials and nanotechnology, and their applications in engineering, biomedicine and biotechnology.

The sessions will include topics on,

  1. Synthesis of nanostructured materials with enhanced properties.
  2. Characterization of nanomaterials.
  3. Nanomaterials (mesoporous materials, zeolite nanoparticles, hierarchical porous materials) and nanocomposite membranes, Fullerenes, CNTs, Graphite whiskers, cones and polyhedral crystals.
  4. Superconductors, semiconductors and oxide nanostructures.
  5. Nanobiomaterials and their role in biomedicine, agriculture and food industry.
  6. Regulations, risk assessment and management of nanotechnologies.

Venue: IOE Auditorium, Vijnan Bhavan, Manasagangotri, Mysore, Karnataka, India.

Organized by UPE, PURSE and CPEPA.

Call for Papers

Abstracts not exceeding 250 words are invited for oral/poster presentation in any themes of conference. The one page abstract should be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman, normal font, single space, size of poster should be length x width (3 x 4). If the papers are selected for oral presentation, 10 min will be given with PPT presentation facility.

Please send the abstract(s) by Electronic mail ONLY.

E-mail: nanoconf2018@gmail.com

Last date for submission of the abstracts: February 20, 2018.

Acceptance shall be communicated by February 20, 2018.


Organizing Chairman
Prof. V. Ravishankar Rai
Organizing Chairman
Corodinator DST-PURSE program
Vijnan Bhavan, Manasagangotri
Mysore 570 006
Phone: 91 821 2419441
Mob: 09845950155
Email: nanorai99@gmail.com;

Organizing Convener
Prof. N. K. Lokanath,
Professor and Coordinator, UGC-CPEPA,
Department of Studies in Physics

Organizing Secretary
Dr. S. Umesha
Associate Professor
Department of Biotechnology
University of Mysore
Manasagangotri, Mysore 570 006
Phone: 91 821 2419884
Mob: 09449264384
Email: su@appbot.uni-mysore.ac.in;

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